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Wake up at Glentanner Park Centre to the sight of the most massive mountain in New Zealand! Admire the view from the privacy of your campervan spot …. almost private anyway. The resident pheasants are hanging around to see if you’re snacking on anything of interest.


Look down at Fox Glacier from the front seat of your helicopter as the pilot points out the steep cliffs and glacial valleys of the jagged South Island wilderness. You cap off your flight with a snowball-filled landing on what feels like the top of the world.


With a full belly thanks to Tasman Delta Cafe’s delicious lunch menu, you head off to tackle the Hooker Valley Track – but not before getting stuck in a Mount Cook “traffic Jam’ on your way (if you’re super lucky!).


Standing at the edge of the Hooker Glacier’s terminal lake, you’re 3000 metres directly below mighty Aoraki Mount Cook. While soaking in the views you hear a loud rumbling sound. You remember the smiling lady at the Glentanner reception telling you about the avalanches that can be heard rumbling down the mountains. Eerie but awesome!


Back at Glentanner, you give yourself a pat on the back! You covered a lot of ground today! The smell of sausages wafts through the air – the family has a Glentanner BBQ fired up and they’ll soon bring you a hot kiwi-style dinner!


Slack-jawed, you realise why the Aoraki Mount Cook Mackenzie Region has been determined the world’s largest International Dark Sky Reserve. Wow – this is as good as stargazing gets. You eventually all haul yourselves to bed, gutted that you are heading off tomorrow! ”We’ll be back” you all say!