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Day 1:


You wake up earlier than expected with adrenalin pumping through your veins, the next two days are going to be awesome! You are so pleased your body woke you, as you watch the sunrise over the Southern Alps from inside your Self Contained Unit


Look down at Fox Glacier from the front seat of your helicopter as the pilot points out the steep cliffs and glacial valleys of the jagged South Island wilderness. You cap off your flight with a snowball-filled landing on what feels like the top of the world.


With a full belly thanks to Tasman Delta Cafe's delicious lunch menu, you head off for a walk down to Lake Pukaki. You are totally blown away. You and your partner and the only two people down there (apart from a couple of fishermen) it feels like your own private piece of paradise. You sit down and relax while your partner has a dip!


After your relaxing time at Lake Pukaki, you are ready for some action. The friendly team at the reception booked you on the Argo-Tour trip. Soon you driving up the Ball Hut Road and explore rugged places up the valley.  You and your small group are climbing up the moraine wall to be rewarded by amazing views at the largest glacier in New Zealand, the Tasman Glacier. Your experienced guide entertains you with  anecdotes, stories and his vast knowledge about Mt. Cook National Park.


You have had an exiting day in Mt.Cook National Park. Now you just want sit, relax and reminiscence about the day. You are choosing one of the restaurants in Mt. Cook Village, where you enjoy a beautiful meal with great views onto Aoraki itself.


You have seen Mt Cook today at sunrise, from the air, lake and from the Tasman Valley. Surely you have seen all it has to offer? As the sun sets you see that the magic is nowhere near over. You do a secret fist pump, you still have another day here!

Day 2:


After a sleep in and a breakfast in your unit, you head off for a full day of adventure in Mt Cook Village. As you wonder how life could get any better you come across farmers droving sheep along the road (you are very lucky!). Your partner drives carefully through the sheep and you manage to snap a pic out your window!


You head through Mt Cook National Park straight for the Hooker Valley Track you have heard so much about. Before you know it you are crossing swing bridges, viewing icebergs on a glacier lake, listening to avalanches and starting straight at the marvel of Aoraki Mt Cook. This walk (and your picnic to boot!) does not disappoint!


Icebergs, Icebergs, we all scream for icebergs! What an experience the Glacier Explorers Boat Trip is! You love the informative bus ride followed by the walk to the lake, but there is more to come. Touching icebergs, looking at the sheer size of them, and marveling at the colours; you pinch yourself wondering how this could be true!


After a jaunt around Aoraki Mount Cook Village you kickback and enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants. You ensure you eat something local again like Aoraki Mount Cook Salmon or NZ Lamb, or even Venison or Hare! You are feeling rather exhausted from all the fun and exploring but your partner still manages to discuss plans for a Heli-Skiing winter adventure!


Time for some star gazing, not something you ever thought you would do but this region is famous for it - so why not?! You are not disappointed! Seeing the stars so up close and personal is fascinating. All in all, an incredible end to an incredible couple of days! You will be back, there is no doubt about it.