Glentanner High Country Heli Hike

Fly up, hike down during this tour! Experience some of the best views in New Zealand!

Scenic Helicopter Flight

3.5 Hour Guided Hike

Exclusive Access to Glentanner's Historic Field Station Museum

Private property, no crowds!

Family friendly, no age restrictions!

Tour Details

Soar over the Southern Alps, take in breathtaking views and walk a trail of High Country history on the Glentanner High Country Heli Hike!

Travel somewhere new in the Aoraki Mount Cook region, away from the familiar tourist route. This guided tour grants exclusive access to private land on family-owned Glentanner Station, one of New Zealand’s most historic and iconic stations, set in one of the country’s most magnificent landscapes.

It’s a journey back through time, to the rough and rugged early days of high country farming, and further, to the ancient past when glaciers carved the land to form the spectacular Mackenzie Country.

3.5 Hour Tour

Scenic Helicopter flight to a landing point high on Glentanner Station land.

Knowledgeable & friendly guide to take you along a 7KM, well-maintained, 4x4 track.

Access to our fully restored Historic Field Station and exhibition.

Walking poles provided, or bring your own if preferred.

Morning or afternoon tea break, with snack and drink provided.*

*Unfortunately we are not able to cater to specialized dietary requirements. If you are on a restricted diet please bring your own snacks.

"This was a key part of our 'trip of a lifetime' to New Zealand."

-Jim, Canada

Scenic Helicopter Flight

The tour begins with an exhilarating helicopter flight to a high point on Glentanner Station.

Take in dramatic views of Lake Pukaki, the Tasman River Delta and Aoraki Mount Cook, towering over the landscape in the distance.

3.5 Hour Guided Hike

From the landing spot the tour continues on foot with an easy walk over a rugged farm track. The track descends gradually past alpine tarns, beneath towering peaks.

Your guide will ensure plenty of stops for photographs and will share stories of the station’s history, geological features, flora and fauna and present-day operations.

Historic Field Station

The walk features a stop at the recently restored Field Station huts — the perfect place for a morning or afternoon tea break, kindly provided by your hosts.

The exhibition at the Field Station features stories of early scientific and farming endeavours on Glentanner and the inter-relationship between farmer and scientist.  



$ 285 / person
  • 14 Years & Under (Including Infants)
  • Drink & Snack Included
  • Hiking Poles Provided
  • Pricing in NZD
  • Prices valid until 30 September 2024


$ 385 / person
  • 15 Years & Older
  • Drink & Snack Included
  • Hiking Poles Provided
  • Pricing in NZD
  • Prices valid until 30 September 2024


  • Discount Available
  • 10+ Guests Per Trip
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Flight & Hike Route

Scenic Helicopter Flight, 7km Hike

The helicopter departs from Glentanner Holiday Park. After takeoff, the helicopter will rise over the Tasman River Delta, giving you incredible views of Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, the lake, the Ben Ohau mountains, and all the other amazing views from this amazing location!

The hike will begin at about 1000m elevation in the mountains above Glentanner Station. From there we will traverse the 4x4 track downhill, with incredible photo opportunities and views along the way.

The walking distance is approximately seven kilometres and guests must be comfortable on uneven ground.

A reasonable level of mobility is required for the walking tour but a return flight from the landing site can be arranged for guests who do not wish to walk.

*Flight route may vary depending on weather conditions.

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Tour Times


Morning Departure

October 1 - April 30

Our morning tour departs at 8:30AM. Check-in at Glentanner Holiday Park at 8:00AM for a helicopter safety briefing.


Afternoon Departure

October 1 - April 30

Our afternoon tour departs at 1:30PM. Check-in at Glentanner Holiday Park at 1:00PM for a helicopter safety briefing.


Winter Departure

May 1 - September 30

Our winter tour departs at 10:00AM. Check-in at Glentanner Holiday Park at 9:30AM for a helicopter safety briefing.

Summer Winter

Year Round Tours

Scroll left and right on the image to see what Glentanner looks like in Summer and Winter!

*Snow landings not guaranteed for any tours. Always dependent on weather conditions.

Learn About

Your guide will talk about the topics below, and much more during your 3.5 hour hike!

Ian Ivey mustering in the forks of Whale Stream

Glentanner Station

Hear stories from over the years of Glentanner's history. Glentanner Station was founded in 1858, and has been in operation by the Ivey family since the 1950s.

Glentanner High Country Heli Hike, Aoraki Mount Cook
Image by Sarah Ivey Photographer 15 January 2023
~ ~

Maori Culture

Visit the Maori poe (signpost) on the property. Hear tales from Maori mythology and culture.

Mount Cook Traffic Jam Glentanner Station Mt Cook New Zealand

Merino Sheep

Discover what it takes to raise over 5,000 merino sheep, shear the wool annually, and care for young lambs. Also learn about the amazing properties of merino wool and why it is such an amazing fiber.

Tasman River and Aoraki

Mountains & Glaciers

How did Aoraki Mount Cook form, what is the geology like, and how did the glaciers form? What is currently happening to the glaciers in New Zealand?

tasman delta (3)

Lake Pukaki & Hydroelectricity

Hear about Lake Pukaki's formation, it raising (twice), and its importance to New Zealand for the purpose of generating electricity.


Flora & Fauna

Learn about and identify a number of native species, and discover what some species were used for in the past.


Early Mountaineers

Hear the stories of the early mountaineers who attempted and successfully summited Aoraki Mount Cook.


Conservation & Invasives

Learn about the impact of invasive species on New Zealand's birds and plants, and what methods Glentanner Station uses to protect the native environment.

Snack Included

Enjoy a home baked treat, lovingly made with an old Glentanner recipe!

Drinks Included

While we take a break during our visit to the Historic Field Hut, your guide will prepare hot tea, hot chocolate, or coffee for every hiker!

Meet Your Guide

Brian Bezalel

Brian has been traveling the world over the past 10+ years. He hails from New York originally, but we won't hold that against him — he has a great passion for the outdoors and is now more at home in the mountains than he would be hailing one of NYC's famous yellow cabs.

The rich history and unique environment of the Mackenzie Region have captivated his interest.
"Being in the same areas and environment that other incredible explorers have experienced is a dream come true," says Brian.

His primary passion in life is photography, a handy skill for those of you wanting a decent group shot while up on the hike! So when he's not working, you'll find him in the outdoors with his camera never far from reach, often capturing the awe-inspiring night skies of the Mackenzie — the darkest in the world!

Guest Reviews


"Experience of a lifetime! What an amazing time we had last weekend!!  From our welcome to the end of our visit we received absolute excellence in service from Helen and her team.  A special mention has to go to Hiroshi and also to the lovely Matt who was a wonderful guide and a fantastic person to share our experience with.  Thank you Thank you Thank you xxx"


"Incredible, one of the best paid activities we've done in NZ! If you're in any doubt, book it in.  This is one of those experiences that makes you glad to be alive! Amazing and unprecedented views of a very beautiful and impressive part of the country.  The walk itself is actually really easy and all downhill, but through incredible scenery and constantly changing views, also really interesting to get the history of the station and area from our guide.  Service throughout was outstanding from booking through to the very end."


"From the moment we landed amongst the tussocks 'til we crossed the road back to the Park buildings we were treated to magnificent views of Lake Pukaki and the surrounding ranges, from Mt Cook in the north to the horizon in the east and south, and from 1000 metres up, the horizon is a long way away.  This was a highlight of our trip and is well worth considering."


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